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10th Apr '22

New book chapter published

Dr. Chirag Deb's latest publication is now available online:

Deb, C. (2022). Data-Driven Urban Energy Modeling: Global Trends and India. In: Banerji, P., Jana, A. (eds) Advances in Urban Design and Engineering. Design Science and Innovation. Springer, Singapore.

This study presents a brief review on the current global trends in data-driven urban building energy modeling (UBEM) and explores the possibilities of applying data-driven UBEM to Indian cities. The existing research shows that availability of data that are required for UBEM is uncommon. This has led researchers to employ hybrid models that combine measured data with simulated or generated data. This study also looks into three case studies that apply data-driven techniques to conventional UBEM research. Finally, the case of data-driven UBEM in India is explored and it is seen that there exists a gap in both modeling methodologies and data sets. The DataSmart Cities strategy by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) provides a useful platform for data exchange. However, the current data sets available therein are not directly useful for UBEM. There is a need, therefore, to populate data sources that enable the application of  data-driven UBEM to Indian cities. This will help in addressing major energy challenges in cities while developing and supporting technology that acquires building and urban-related data at low-cost and high accuracy.

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