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Parametric facades

Buildings consume around 40 percent of total energy in the world and account for one-third of greenhouses gas emissions. In an attempt to minimize the total energy requirements, the ongoing research work aims to develop climate-responsive building façade that revive some of the lost traditional façade designs as well as employ novel techniques of design, performance assessment and construction. The variables of interest include geometry, passive design techniques, thermal properties of construction materials, embodied energy, sun path and orientation. Using advanced computational techniques, this work will assess the thermal performance of building envelopes corresponding to changing parametric values to produce a range of thermally efficient alternatives for different geographical settings. In the process, the study will also add to the body of knowledge regarding potential and accuracy of parametric and algorithmic tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper. The process followed could then be developed into a potential set of guidelines for practitioners, academicians, and policy-makers for designing a thermally efficient building façade.

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